Increasingly, people are leading a secular lifestyle and so they’re choosing to get married outside of the church. They may be secular, or the couple may be from different cultures and so they’ve decided to find a third way that bypasses religion altogether.

As well as cultural reasons, there are other great reasons for choosing a celebrant to guide you and your guests through your wedding. Here are the best ones…

You can get married pretty much anywhere you want

Having a celebrant to lead your wedding means you can choose almost anywhere to get married. You’re not restricted to a registry office or a place of worship, or even to set times of day.

If you want to get married on a farm, or in a botanical garden, a Sami tent or on a beach, then you can. You need to make sure that it’s legal to get married there, of course, but once that’s for sure, you can crack on with the planning.

You can make your wedding ceremony as personal as you like

You don’t have to follow the more traditional wedding ceremony script if you don’t want to. You can write your own vows and your celebrant can get your own unique story out there for everyone to enjoy.

You can have a few rehearsals

Your celebrant can advise you on the best seating arrangements, timings, music and your PA system. You can also run through the proceedings to make sure that you haven’t left anything out and that all your plans work.

Your celebrant is dedicated to you

Celebrants tend to only perform one wedding a day, so this means that you’ll have freedom over timing with no rushing, no deadlines. If you get on particularly well with your celebrant, you can even invite them to the reception.

Whatever your ideas are – you may want a pagan hand-fasting, or a combination of religions, or no religious input at all – your celebrant can make your wedding happen for you just the way you want it to.

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