One of the most important figures at your wedding (apart from you and your intended, of course) is your Maid of Honour. You’ll already know what your MoH is, but you might not know exactly what her role is and what your expectations of her should be.

She’s your right-hand…errr…chick

Your MoH will organise your hen night and your bridal shower, as well as oversee anything else your bridesmaids are in charge of. She’ll also be your shoulder to cry on and the person to tell you that having that Cradle of Filth tribute act as your wedding band isn’t a great idea. Your MoH is also there to keep problematic family members in line.

She takes care of all the small stuff

You don’t choose your MoH out of a hat. She’s an old and trusted friend who has always been the one carrying the after-sun lotion on picnic trips. She’s also the one with the sewing kit, the plasters and the bug repellent. She spots niggles before they grow into problems and sorts them right out without a fuss. Your MoH will see you’re getting dehydrated during your reception and will appear, armed with mineral water and a straw, before heading back off to help Grandma to understand the sushi bar.

She’s a logistics whizz

Keeping in contact with all your bridesmaids, ushers, suppliers and the parents of your flower-girls can get a bit much, so some of this will be handled by your MoH. When it comes to organising your spa day and pamper session, or buying gifts for the flower-girls, she’ll do most of this with some help from your bridesmaids.

Being a MoH is a big role and responsibility, so it’s important that you choose someone who has it together and who is warm, patient and organised. She’ll take quite a lot of the stress out of planning your wedding and hopefully will make the run-up (as well as the day itself) a really special time.

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