As 2017 draws to a close, everyone who’s planning to get married in 2018 will be wondering how to create an occasion that’s timely and on-point. Every year has its own distinctive set of looks, themes and feelings, so here’s what you should be looking at for 2018.

It’s all gone a bit industrial

Yep, you heard right. The last couple of years have been all about barns and farms, but now we’re moving into the Industrial Age. Weddings and receptions are increasingly being held in warehouses, decommissioned factories and even big sheds are the venues of choice. If you can’t manage an industrial venue, you can choose bare iron and wood furniture.

Send the balloon up

Out go the flower walls and in come the inflatables. Balloons of all types – big ones, transparent-and-filled-with-glitter ones, clusters, singletons, light-up or matte – are where it’s at next year. You can make them into arches, table centrepieces or even have your bridesmaids carry them instead of bouquets if you want.

Magenta and turquoise

Rose gold and copper are fading into the background now (in a good way) and bolder hues are moving forward. It seems that vibrant pink or magenta and turquoise are the best colours to go for now.

A good old-fashioned

A good old-fashioned what? Just that; it’s the name of a classic cocktail and it’s something you could serve at your reception rather than the over-engineered sugary pink lemonade and cranberry Martini slush-style drinks that have been popular recently. Think pared-down drinks from 1940s films – no frills, no fancy fruit combos.

Forget the mini cupcakes

We’re moving away from cute, it seems. This is also the case for puddings and desserts. Ditch the buttercream, icing and sprinkles and look for more challenging treats like bitter chocolate and chilli amuse-bouches that you can pass to people as they’re dancing. Instead of ice cream, try a sorbet or a granita made from coffee, watermelon or lychee.

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