Not hiring a professional make-up artist and stylist

Unless you’re a professional yourself, or you’re extremely low maintenance and understated, then you’ll need someone to come and do your hair and make-up for you. On your wedding day you’ll have enough to think about without trying to consider how such-and-such a colour will look on camera. You also can stop worrying about getting your eyeliner straight – leave it up to the professional!

Following trends without thinking

Just because lots of other people, including celebs, are sporting sarongs on their beach wedding days doesn’t mean you have to do this as well. Know your style and don’t force yourself to go along with trends if you don’t like them or you know they won’t suit you. Feeling uncomfortable in an unfamiliar style of dress will stand out like a beacon in videos, in photos and in person. Work out what your style is and what suits you, then work up from that, not off at a tangent.

Not dressing for the venue

If your venue has a particular look or feel, you don’t have to exactly match it, but you should take care not to clash with it. If you’ve always wanted your groomsmen to wear zoot suits, don’t get married in a rural, farmyard venue. If you’re really stuck and confused, aim for natural and subtle, with no bright, clashing colours that could go very wrong with your backdrop.

Trying to fit in too much to your look in one go

It’s difficult to avoid thinking about all the separate elements of your wedding outfit. You want that headdress, that veil, that jewellery, that pair of shoes and that make-up. However, the delicate embroidery on your dress will be hugely overshadowed by the bright jewellery. Your shoes will drown out your make-up. All the parts have to fit together and work in harmony. In the same way as you can’t have strong eyes and strong lips, something has to give when it comes to your outfit. Downplay a couple of elements and let the others come forward. They can’t all lead.

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