Many brides dream of a beach wedding; after all, they look great and we’ve all seen some stunning photoshoots, right?

One mistake that people can make when they think about a beach wedding is that planning it involves exactly the same things as a regular wedding that’s not based on sand. There are special things you need to take into account when you’re getting ready to tie the knot by the sea.

Don’t do the big dress

Wearing a big dress on a beach can be a disaster – it’ll get drenched by the sea, it’ll blow about, it’ll be hot… Additionally, if there’s any lace involved, it’ll collect sand and other beach debris, so think lightweight, tight-woven fabrics.

Keep it simple

Beach weddings can be harder to hear and follow than ones held in enclosed spaces, so limit the length of the ceremony and any speeches as the sea breeze can whip the words out of people’s mouths.

Forget about heels

High heels and sand isn’t a great mix, as you can imagine. You could wear satin flatties, or flip-flops or even go barefoot.

Stay sun-aware

It should be a long day, so don’t forget about that sun! Make sure everyone has enough sunscreen, especially the kids. You don’t want to look like lobsters in your reception photos.

The blokes can go casual as well

If you’re opting for lightweight fabrics, then the guys should be able to do that too. Forget the black woollen tuxes and let them wear light-coloured linen suits or even shirts and Bermuda shorts!

Make sure there’s enough shade

Provide at least one canopy for people to relax and cool off under – you may have older people and young children at your wedding and they need plenty of shade.

Offer a shoe station

Lots of people will still turn up in heels and formal shoes and they may feel the need to kick them off after a few minutes. Give them a safe place to stash them, as well as a shower point or some tubs of water to get rid of the sand they’ve collected.

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