Most people opt for summer weddings; after all, what can go wrong? The days are long, the sun shines, there’s little chance of rain and everyone expects a summer wedding, right?

Well, not absolutely everyone; in fact, winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular as people realise that these out-of-season nuptials offer advantages the warmer months simply can’t. Here’s seven of the best.

Darker, romantic evenings

The days are a bit shorter in winter, so you can either start your reception a bit earlier to make the most of the light, or you can embrace your dark side and bring candles, lanterns and fireworks into the mix. This works well for smaller weddings as the darkness brings people closer together in an intimate atmosphere.

Out of season can be cheaper

Winter isn’t as busy for many wedding vendors and suppliers so you can strike some good deals and bag some great bargains if you get married in the less popular months.

Venues have more availability

After the mad rush that is summer, many venues have a bit of down time in the winter, so you’ll have your pick of more weekends. You will probably find it all a bit cheaper, too.

People are keen to party

Chances are that people won’t have been to a wedding for a few months by the time winter rolls around so they’ll be raring to go!

Mulled wine

Or mulled cider. Or hot chocolate. Enough said.

Guests will expect a spot of rain

You know there’s a chance of a chill in the air in the morning and evening, so it won’t come as a surprise to anyone. A wedding in cooler weather gives guests the chance to show off their fancy wraps and shrugs, too.

You get to look a bit different

You can depart from the usual summer wedding look and try out a different fabric for your dress, or sport a fancy shrug yourself. You can match your wedding palette to winter’s seasonal colours too, to set yourself apart from a lot of other weddings.

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