Chances are that it won’t rain, but it’s always a good idea to have a wet weather contingency or two. After all, you’ve been planning your wedding for months and it’d be a shame if the rain affected some or all of your big day.

Expect the worst

Assume it’s going to rain and work your plans from there. If you rely on ifs and maybes then you’ll fall foul of at least one of them. So, if your wedding has outdoor-based portions, make sure you have some gazebos, umbrellas and wellington boots. This is your big day, so make sure you use everything to your advantage.

Take advice from your vendors

Your suppliers will have seen a few weddings that have been affected by rain, so ask them for their ideas. You never know, your photographer might actually like taking snaps in the rain because of the unique light conditions. Meanwhile, your caterer will know just how to keep your food dry and your entertainers will already have a damp weather routine to keep the kids happy.

Singing in the rain

So what it rains? It’s your day and it’s unique. Rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if it’s warm. It’ll be a day to remember, with added umbrellas and splashes!

It could be magical

There’s a reason why photographers like rainy days; the light can be amazing and the actual raindrops landing on various surfaces make for some interesting close-ups. Sunny days can produce a flat sort of light that, while vibrant, can be a bit one-dimensional. Plus, you might get a rainbow!

A wet day is also a big leveller and will bring people together – sharing umbrellas, helping kids into wellies, gathering under the gazebo and talking to everyone. What could be better?

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