If you’ve decided to elope, then you might be imagining that you’ll get away with all the planning and the organising. This is true to an extent, but there’s still a bit of forethought and logistics involved – it’s just that it’s more about the two of you than the two of you and both of your extended families!

Sooo, here’s how you plan to elope.

Drop the guilt

Many couples feel a bit guilty about eloping, as it means leaving their friends and families behind for this most special of days. However, ultimately, your wedding is about you two. Your family and friends want to share it because they love you, but that love will also help them to accept and understand your decision.

Plan a party or other event after the fact

If you are racked with guilt, then throw a drinks party or another bash after you return from your honeymoon. You could treat your guests to a slideshow of your actual wedding if you think it’ll go over well.

Don’t sweat the guest list

Just imagine – no worrying about keeping those two aunties apart. That should assuage any lingering feelings of guilt.

Look for the savings

Bigger weddings can get seriously expensive, so think about what you’re saving and think about how you can spend some or all of it on just you two. The holiday of a lifetime? Saving for a baby? It’s up to you!

Not everything is cheaper though – photographers tend to have a flat fee for weddings, for example.

Think big, even if your wedding is small

You can go where you want to, including venues that would be out of your price range if you had to cater for dozens of guests. Then again, you could choose a boutique venue and go large on the honeymoon.

Enjoy yourselves

Your elopement is as unique as you two are, so make the most of it. Before you know it, you’ll be back to your normal lives, work, bills and all the other stresses that prey upon us. Enjoy this oasis of calm and solitude.

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