One of the more enjoyable parts of planning your wedding is choosing your favours. It’s a light-hearted gesture, as favours are fun and no matter what they are, people will appreciate them and probably keep them as a memento of your day.

You could go trad and have sugared almonds in a taffeta bag, or you could go a bit off-piste to create a talking point; here’s some great – and unusual ideas – for perfect wedding favours.

A personalised CD for each of your guests

These CDs could be personalised for each guest – maybe the big hits of their birth year – or they could all feature the same tracks, handpicked by and important to you and your groom.

A jar of spices for everyone

Pick the fanciest small jars you can find and fill them with spices – cinnamon, ras-el hanout, saffron, cardamom pods or gingerbread mix, for example – according to each guest’s favourite flavours.

Temporary tattoo kits

You can choose more grown-up, sophisticated designs for the adults and fun, quirky ones for the kids. It’s not a permanent reminder, like a real tattoo, but if you get a few great photos of grandad with a glittery bindi on his forehead…

Fortune cookies with personalised messages inside

These are a relatively cheap option and if you can find some way to make up your own messages and slip them into each cookie, then that’s even better!

A bag or box of wildflower seeds

This is a lovely idea as people can take the seeds home and plant them, making a long-term reminder of your special day. What’s more, you can include instructions for the best places and methods to make sure they grow and create a wildlife habitat.

Mini board games

These are great for adults and children alike, especially if some of the families have a long journey home or they’re staying on for an extra day after the wedding. They don’t have to be unusual – snakes and ladders, ludo and battleship will do nicely.

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