Being this beautiful couples Celebrant and MC for their Dream Day was such an honour and privilege. I loved every minute of my time with Melissa & Brendan. Being a part of their planning from the beginning … Brendan and I still laugh about our first meeting at the first Expo. I wore a beautiful orange scarf that he loved and wanted to keep.  We chatted for ages about the theme and their plans. That day I became their Celebrant and MC.   We meet a further 4-5 times, had wine, laughed and planned more.    Their photographer/videographer and I worked really hard and well together to capture their special day. Hence the great memories! And I got to keep my scarf!!   Images & Video curtesy: White Images Wedding Photography & Myfilm… Toni Collett Celebrant

Here is a few hints from them for your Dream Day..

Melissa and I are two lucky people. We encourage and support each other, joke, laugh and yes cry together.  Melissa is my best friend, my confidant and at the risk of sounding cheesy my soul mate.  It is a privilege to share this brief glimpse of our lives with others and we both hope that our story can inspire and help others.

Picking the theme:

Melissa and I set out with our wedding in mind from the moment we were engaged.  We started out by imagining what our wedding would be like, who would we invite, where would it be, what we thought it may cost and when the big day was going to be.  We decided to have an outdoor wedding on the Sunshine Coast in the middle of April where Melissa grew up and her family still lived. Between the two of us we both had different ideas but we were both open to putting these ideas together.  We would bounce these ideas of each other until we came up with the concept we liked.  Colours were an important early decision to make, while it really would not have concerned me what colours we used Melissa wanted to know what colour I liked.  My favourite colour being orange, Melissa made every effort to incorporate the colour as a feature.  As we had decided to use my favourite colour Melissa decided to incorporate her own favourite colour also, which was purple.  So now we knew we were planning an outdoor wedding on the Sunshine Coast with an Orange and Purple colour scheme.


So much more to do!

So job done right!!!  No way, we still needed to work out who to invite, what this wedding would cost and what an orange and purple wedding would look like.
Thank god for the internet, over the next few months Melissa would develop the most intricate and detailed scrap book of wedding styling ever seen.  In parallel I started collecting together a target budget in a spreadsheet that included a column for tracking and assigning our savings.  We continued to update our savings and the Budget right up until the week of our wedding.  This worked really well as it gave us a target and an understanding of what we could achieve.  Next thing we needed was to find our suppliers.

How important Wedding Expos are!

The wedding expos were amazing and after two expo’s we had 90% of the vendors we needed to execute our special day. One thing that absolutely helped before going to the expo’s was knowing the date we intended on getting married, this helped to no end when discussing plans and trying to book vendors.

I would recommend having a date in mind before going to a wedding expo.
Time is never a friend when trying to organise a big event, and there are no bigger events I can think of than our wedding.  In hind sight we did not spend enough time looking at venues and unfortunately this is our largest regret.  There are so many great locations to choose from on the Sunshine coast. We also chose to add a lot of our own special touches which does sound like a great idea in the moment but you do need to keep in mind how much extra time you have to devote to DIY.  When it comes to DIY and weddings you can come out the other side wondering what you had been doing with all of that extra time you never knew you had.

Have a great MC!

The Last note on time I will add is the time on your wedding day, for Melissa and I the time just ran by so quickly.   I highly recommend as we did, to have an MC you can rely on to manage the time on the day.  Don’t forget to review programs again and again leading up to the day, refine them and communicate them to all your vendors.

Invest in your Memories!

Keep your Memories!! Invest in Photography & Video as happily ever after, seems to be fit for a fairytale. As time fly’s on the day you do remember it differently.  One of the best investments we made was on photography and videography.  Melissa and I look back at these images weekly and our memory of this day just gets better.  We are so lucky to have these amazing memories to keep for ourselves and share with those we love.

For a memorable wedding ceremony on the Sunshine Coast

I would love to work with you for your Special Day

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