For the last few years, everyone’s had a theme at their wedding. Themes can be great – they add interest to an event, they can spark conversations between strangers and make for amazing photos. However, not everyone wants to be like the others, so if you fancy a theme-less wedding, you should go for it. You still need some help and advice from the pros, though.

Use your venue for inspo

Most often your venue will guide your styling. Some places don’t need much doing to them other than a bit of personalisation, or else you risk over-egging your pudding. The venue is where your styling begins, no matter what your theme (or lack of), so if you’re going theme-less, think about a mood instead.

You could take some ideas from home, too. If your home has a particular look or colour scheme, then why not extend it to your wedding as well?

Here’s the main elements you need to style to create a feeling or mood for your theme-free wedding.

The tables

Do you want your tables to all be the same? Or is this too theme-y? One good idea, depending on the number of tables, is to have different colours, different ethnic pieces or different continents. Work this styling into place-cards, table linen and so on.

The flowers

Your flowers are one of the biggest parts of your wedding, so you need to get them right. Spend some time finding a florist you like, or who others recommend and then talk about how you can use your floral displays to express yourself.

The menu

With the food and drink, it’s more a matter of what the season is and what you like yourself. You could have a mish-mash of cuisines, or go seasonal or even ask guests to bring a pot-luck. You should also pay attention to how your serving staff will be dressed.

The finer details

The little touches, like your wedding favours and personal notes to each guest, for example, can add a distinct feel to the event.

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