Your wedding day is the biggest and most important day of your life. You’ll be surrounded by friends and family, and of course you’ll be joining together with your loved one. It’s important to get it right and to make it a day to remember and so having the right celebrant with you, leading the way, is vital. Here’s how your perfect wedding celebrant should be.

A good communicator

Your celebrant should be able to listen to you and your ideas and be enthusiastic about them, but also be able to dissuade you from any ideas that might not work (without you realising it…).

A good adviser

You haven’t done this before, but your celebrant has! You should choose someone who is a good guide, who knows the legal aspects of getting married and who is a logistics whizz! You need to be confident that all the legal papers are filed on time and in order.

Open to feedback

Don’t go with anyone who railroads you into anything you don’t want. If your celebrant pressures you to incorporate something into your ceremony and won’t take no for an answer, they’re wrong for you. He or she should also be easily contactable and responsive.

Has their own equipment

Your marriage has to be audible to all present – legally! Your celebrant should have their own PA system, as well as being able to make adjustments to make the acoustics as good as possible.


Having a celebrant means you’re not doing an off-the-peg wedding. You’ll have your own ideas and you should share them with your celebrant, who should be able to expand on them and make suggestions that you may never have thought of. If you’re having a mixed-faith wedding, for example, your celebrant should be able to bring the two threads together in an amazing, meaningful way.


Conducting a wedding isn’t for the faint-hearted! There may be dozens of people watching, so it has to be done right. The celebrant also has to be able to think on their feet, just in case something does go wrong. The ability to stay calm and turn a mishap into a well-loved memory.

Warm and welcoming

This almost goes without saying, but your celebrant will be in your photos and in your memories, so they’d better be a good presence!

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