If you’re planning to do your own make-up on the big day, you’ll need some special tips to get it right. After all, it’s not just another day at the office, is it?

Practice makes perfect

Once you’ve chosen a look, you should practice it a few times, tweaking and adjusting until it’s perfect for you. Investing this time a few weeks before the wedding takes a lot of the worry out of it when it comes to the real thing.

Have some facials

You should, if you can, have two or three facials in the months leading up to your wedding so your complexion is as good a canvas as it can be.

Make sure you have a quiet place to do your make-up

You’ll need time and, more importantly, space to do this. If you’re milling around in the same room as your bridesmaids, then it can get a bit hectic, so ask for some privacy.

Find your perfect foundation

Take some professional advice here and take your time. You need the right shade for your skin and your outfit, as well as the right formulation for your skin type. Be patient.

Don’t use anything with an SPF or sparkles in

Many SPFs use titanium and zinc oxides, which, as soon as a flash hits them, make you look ghostly white. The same advice applies to very sparkly eyeshadow or highlighter, as well as white or pale finishing powder. You don’t want a clown mask, do you?

Work on your brows

Brows define your face and so you need to get them right. It’s another case of practice makes perfect, as well as a suitable case for investment in a professional treatment. Don’t work against your natural shape, though…

Use waterproof mascara

There may be tears, you may get a bit sweaty with all the dancing, or it may be very hot and your mascara could melt. Don’t let this happen!

Wear slightly more make-up than you do normally

Bear in mind the fact you’ll be photographed a lot. Wear slightly more blusher than normal, wear eyeshadow that’s a touch more intense (but just a touch, mind…) than normal and remember to reapply your lipstick regularly.

Invest in a setting spray

Some sprays last for up to 18 hours, so choose a good one and watch how long your make-up stays fresh for!

Use blotting sheets rather than powder

If you’re prone to getting greasy, don’t use more powder, as you’ll end up caked and dry-looking. Use blotting sheets to absorb the grease without moving your make-up.

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