Everyone gets nervous before their wedding, whether it kicks in several months before or on the day itself. Thankfully, it’s easy to combat these jitters with a few positive thoughts and clever tricks.

Make a list of your main concerns and worries

Some are bigger concerns, some are just silly, some involve things you can control and some are things you can’t do anything about so you have to let the worries go.

Hang around with positive people

There’s always going to be a few people who are a downer about everything or who try to impose their own agenda on you and your wedding. Try to avoid them and bring in more positive friends and families.

Share your worries

Don’t bottle things up or you’ll blow them out of proportion. Sometimes by sharing a concern you realise how silly they are, or you might find a way to work through more valid worries.

Concentrate on breathing

Of course, it happens by reflex! However, stress and anxiety can cause your breathing to become shallower, which can make you feel even more stressed. Learn to breathe from your diaphragm and to “exhale” your tension. Spend a few minutes each day practising your calming breathing so that you can switch into it when the nerves start up.

You should also work on your posture, as stress can cause you to scrunch down and lower your eyes, which in turn makes you feel even more timid. Stand up, shoulders back, big smile…

Let yourself be supported

It’s your wedding, but it’s not just your responsibility. You can relax and delegate some jobs to trusted friends and relatives – you can’t do it all, so don’t even try!

Mentally rehearse the big day

Walk through the proceedings of the day and when you hit the bits that you’re worried about, concentrate on your part only, as it’s the only one you can control.

Let the things you can’t control go and have fun – it’s your wedding day!

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