If you’ve decided to hire a celebrant to conduct your wedding instead of a registrar or a religious figure, then you may face some questions from friends and family. You may have some questions yourself, too, so here’s a few of the main ones that arise.

Why hire a celebrant instead of a registrar?

If you’re not doing a church wedding, then why not have a registry wedding instead? Well, registrars have restrictions on time and on what can be included. While registrars are freer than religious figures, they still have some constraints. A celebrant can include pretty much whatever you want and there’s often no time limits.

I want a few religious or cultural elements in my wedding ceremony; can I do this?

Of course you can! It’s your day so you can include whatever you want.

Will I be legally married?

You will still need to have your marriage registered officially for it to be legal, but your celebrant can do this for you.

Where can I get married?

Wherever you are allowed. You can get married at a hotel, or a national park, a restaurant or in a field! As long as you have permission to use the venue or land for that purpose, you’re good to go.

I don’t want a quick, rushed-through service, can I make my ceremony a bit longer?

Yes; there’s no need to rush, as chances are your celebrant won’t have another ceremony that day, as you find with a church or registry wedding.

What’s so wrong with a registry or church wedding?

Absolutely nothing! All weddings are amazing occasions, no matter where they are held or who conducts them. Celebrants are just another option for couples to choose from if they’re looking for something different or need a bit more flexibility. When you consider the amount of time that goes into choosing colour schemes, hairdos, wedding favours and hem lengths, devising your own ceremony isn’t that big a deal!

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